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Contracts define and regulate your business endeavor’s relationships with its employees, clients, contractors, customers, suppliers, and other businesses. An effective contract will explicitly dictate each party’s responsibilities while meeting your goals and protecting your interests.

Disputes can occur when the involved parties disagree over the meaning or intention of contractual language. Our contract dispute lawyers in Dallas can assist you with navigating and resolving these conflicts. We can also help you explore the full extent of your legal options when your contractual rights have been violated. Our firm can aggressively represent your interests in and out of the courtroom.

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Dallas Contract Dispute Lawyer Service Areas

Roquemore Skierski PLLC can assist your business with issues of contract interpretation and contract violation. We can assist with enforcement efforts if a legally enforceable agreement’s terms have been breached. Our firm can also assist you with addressing potential issues before they become actionable disputes by reviewing proposed contractual language for clarity and enforceability before any documents are signed.

Our Dallas contract dispute attorneys can assist you with many types of common conflicts, including:

  • Interpretation Disputes. An ideal contract will unambiguously define each party’s obligations and responsibilities and leave no room for extra interpretation. In some cases, multiple parties may disagree over the meaning of one or more elements of the agreement. If the dispute cannot be efficiently resolved, it may be necessary to involve the courts. Typically, the language of the document is all that matters when adjudicating these cases, but Texas courts will sometimes consider additional factors outside the text of the contract when making a decision. We can aggressively advocate for your interests in any interpretation dispute.
  • Payment Disputes. Many conflicts arise over issues of nonpayment. A robust contract will describe payment terms, conditions, and schedules. The document should also address all relevant local rules regulating issues of timely payment, including Texas’s Prompt Pay Act. There are situations (including cases involving defective materials or shoddy workmanship) that can warrant withheld payment, even if these scenarios are not explicitly addressed in the written agreement. Our firm can assist you with negotiating and resolving issues of compensation and can help you pursue any necessary legal action.
  • Partnership Disputes. In forming a business partnership, 2 or more parties agree to pool their resources and share in the successes and losses of their endeavor. The partnership’s formation documents and operating agreements should outline mechanisms for addressing and resolving disputes between partners. If these mechanisms prove insufficient, our firm can review your entity’s contractual paperwork and help you understand and enforce your rights.
  • Actual Breaches. When a party fails to deliver what is promised in a contract, they have breached their agreement and can be held liable for resulting direct and indirect damages. Actual breaches can be “material,” meaning a substantial portion of the contract’s terms were not met, or “minor,” meaning only certain components were not delivered. If your firm has been the victim of an actual breach of contract, our fierce litigator can work to recover the maximum possible compensation.
  • Anticipatory Breaches. If a party involved in a legal agreement knows they will be unable to deliver what was contractually promised, they may signal their failure in advance. This constitutes an anticipatory breach, and the offending party can be held accountable for their failure to deliver. Our firm can assist you with exploring your options and enforcing your rights when you suffer from an anticipatory breach.
  • Nondisclosure Agreement Violations. Many companies employ nondisclosure agreements to protect proprietary information, trade secrets, and other forms of intellectual property. When a former employee, vendor, or some other entity violates a nondisclosure agreement, they breach the terms of their contract and potentially limit your ability to compete. We can help you explore all of your legal options when a nondisclosure agreement involving your company has been violated.
  • Non-compete Agreement Violations. Non-compete agreements can prevent the inadvertent dissemination of company trade secrets and other sensitive information. The state of Texas does allow for the enforcement of non-compete agreements that are “reasonable in scope.” We can review non-compete agreement language to ensure it will be enforceable under Texas law. Our firm can also assist with enforcement efforts when a former employee refuses to honor the terms of the agreement.
  • Tortious Interference. Tortious interference occurs when a third party intrudes on an existing legal agreement between other parties, consequently jeopardizing one or more elements of the contract. All parties involved in the contract have the right to pursue a tort claim against the interfering entity. We can help you pursue legal action if you have been the victim of tortious interference.

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