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Debt Collection Attorneys in Dallas

When a customer or client fails to pay what you are owed, you may need skilled legal assistance to efficiently collect. By hiring a professional law firm, you can explore and execute all legal remedies available to creditors.

Our Dallas debt collection lawyers can assist you with all elements of your company’s collection efforts. Whether you are looking to collect on a single delinquent debt or simultaneously manage a tremendous number of accounts, Roquemore Skierski PLLC has decades of professional business experience and regularly represent banks, financial institutions, business owners, and collection agencies in these matters.

We exclusively represent creditors and are committed to facilitating all of your collection needs. Schedule a free initial consultation by contacting us online or calling (972) 564-8860.

Your Rights as a Creditor in Texas

When your firm operates as a lender and facilitates a loan through a legally enforceable agreement, the involved debtor is obligated to honor the terms of the contract and make timely payments. Should a debtor fail to pay what is owed, you may need to exercise your rights as a creditor to recover the delinquent amounts.

As a creditor, you have the right to directly contact a debtor and request they promptly pay an owed debt under the terms of your agreement. However, you must be careful to remain compliant with all federal and local laws that regulate communications between creditors and debtors. Inadvertently breaking these rules can open your firm up to unnecessary liability. Our firm can manage these communications and ensure regulatory compliance.

If direct communication fails to produce payment, you may need to consider more substantial legal solutions. Businesses have the right to transfer debtor accounts to a debt collection company. We routinely work with collection agencies throughout Texas in addition to small- to medium-sized businesses. We are also extensively familiar with regulations that specifically apply to debt collection professionals.

Our Dallas debt collection attorneys are aggressive and accomplished litigators that can pursue court-based remedies as necessary. If collections efforts fail to result in payment, we can assist you in exploring additional legal options, including filing collection lawsuits in the appropriate court. Creditors have the right to an enforceable judgment if the debtor cannot contest their ownership of the debt. We can assist you in efficiently obtaining and enforcing this judgment.

A collection judgment can allow creditors to claim and liquidate property, garnish wages, issue liens. We can help you explore all of your options and advise how to most efficiently collect what you are owed.

How We Can Help You Collect More Efficiently

Our collections workflow leverages our decades of experience and technological advances to produce unparalleled results. No matter your firm’s circumstances, our goal is to get the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Roquemore Skierski PLLC collection services benefit from:

  • Accessibility and Ease of Use. Our Internet cloud-based communication and filesharing platform allows you to make requests and upload documents from anywhere at any time: No visits to our physical office are required. Your firm’s staff can access shared folders and track progress from their company devices through the cloud. This system is designed to be as intuitive as possible. Upload your documents, provide instructions, and we handle the rest.
  • Control. Our firm is prepared to meet all of your objectives when seeking to collect. Our platform allows for the uploading of PDF files, which provides greater assurance that what you upload is exactly what the court or debtor will see. We will move forward with any case when you want us to and will follow your specific instructions for which documents you wish to present.
  • Security. We understand the importance of strong security when storing and disseminating sensitive documents. Our Internet cloud platform benefits from Microsoft’s industry-leading business security standards. These protocols give you the peace of mind that your documents are safe and enable you to work securely from any compatible device, anywhere, at any time.
  • Improved ROI. Securing a strong return on investment is critical to any collection effort. Our legal experience, world-class technological platform, and frictionless workflow work in tandem to provide faster collection times, lower costs, and improved ROI.

If you need to collect on a written agreement, we can help you. Our debt collection lawyers in Dallas can provide your firm with the professional support it needs when managing collection efforts. We are committed to protecting and exercising your creditor rights and can pursue all necessary legal actions.

We assist businesses and collection agencies throughout the state of Texas. Contact us online or call (972) 564-8860 today to learn more about how our services can benefit your firm.

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