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Trust Our Dallas General Counsel Attorneys at Roquemore Skierski PLLC

Running a business frequently requires legal help. Whether you’re just getting started, need to implement a new policy, or find yourself facing a lawsuit, hiring a new attorney for each legal problem can create a financial burden.

Fortunately, Roquemore Skierski PLLC has a solution to this problem. Our firm provides in-house counsel services in Dallas, Texas, so you can have the same legal team for every legal challenge you face. Simply pay a monthly fee, and we are available for you anytime you need us.

Some months, you may need help with contracts or a phone call with quick legal advice, and other months, you may need help with litigation, but you will always be able to depend on us without breaking the bank.

To learn more about our general counsel services, please call us at (972) 564-8860.

Let Our In-House Counsel Attorneys Meet Your Needs

Our in-house counsel lawyers proudly help businesses with their diverse legal needs. We can advise you before you make important business decisions and help you tackle any challenge that arises.

We can help you resolve legal problems involving:

  • Forming a business – we will walk you through each step of starting up a business and help you maintain your company once it is up in running.
  • State licensing – our attorneys are skilled at cutting through red tape and getting you everything you need to operate your business in Texas.
  • Regulatory compliance – we can help ensure your policies follow local laws and stand by your side if a state agency decides to investigate you.
  • Breach of contract– avoid contract disputes by letting us draft airtight agreements on your behalf and resolve breaches efficiently with our firm.
  • Lawsuits and other Business Disputes- we counsel clients of every stage of a lawsuit, from pre-suit planning, trial strategy, and in court. We aggressively represent your interests.
  • Collecting debts– customers who fail to pay you can jeopardize your business, but we have proven tactics to help you get your money back.
  • Partnership disputes – running a business with someone else can be challenging; we are always willing to serve as a neutral third party and help you get back to business.
  • Business dissolution – when you no longer want to run your business, we can help remove yourself from operations or dissolve your business entirely.

From renting an office to placing a lien on someone’s property, we can help you keep your business afloat – no matter what comes your way. When it’s time to move on, we can also help you sell your business or close out your venture.

If you prefer a retainer instead of paying an hourly rate every time you have a legal question, hire Roquemore Skierski PLLC as your general counsel.

We are accessible 24/7, and if we miss a call or email, we will get back to you within 24 business hours or 8 hours, respectively.

Why Choose Us?

Hiring our firm for in-house counsel services in Dallas means you get the same detailed, aggressive, and thorough representation you would expect from a trial attorney for every legal problem you encounter. We are business lawyers and business trial lawyers, so we are prepared to represent you in court and handle more serious legal problems, as well.

Our team will work hard for you every step of the way because we understand that every step matters when you are starting or maintaining a business.

Roquemore Skierski PLLC’s attorneys and staff will become part of your team. We work for you as dependable trusted advisors, just like other employees work for you in other roles.

Of course, our team brings decades of legal experience to your side, and we are known throughout Texas for more than 25 years of business law and commercial litigation.

Discuss your business needs with our team today – call us at (972) 564-8860 or contact us online for a free initial consultation.


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